to be the remainder

That Alex Turner Brit Award speech is just cringe


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Shoulda, coulda, woulda. It’s so easy in the past tense.
Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever (via observando)
Ryan Adams - Answering Bell
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Did I slip? I know I stumbled.
Did I trip? ‘Cause I know I fell.
All’s I know is I’ll wake up here in my clothes tomorrow.
But oh, girl I wish I knew you well.

Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.

John Mayer (via fvckem)


i have been planning on getting my shit together for like 5 years now 

Tell me that you love me, always thinkin’ of me
Unconditional, I’m hoping I’m your favourite
Grab a fishing pole and throw me with the sharks

Fuck, look in my eyes, tell me I died, tell me I tried, to compromise
Tell me you love me, tell me that I, don’t give a fuck and can barely decide